CBD Skincare – Can CBD Help With Acne?

CBD Skincare – CBD Oil for Acne

There is exciting new research on the potential use of cannabidiol (CBD) in the treatment and management of skin diseases such as Acne.

Studies demonstrate that CBD can suppress proliferation of skin sebocytes. As well as this discovery, CBD may also have an anti-inflammatory effect on these cells.

CBD has also been shown to possess potent anti-bacterial effects against some gram-positive bacteria!

So what does this mean for acne?

Given these results, CBD could be therapeutic for the treatment of acne by reducing sebocytes, reducing inflammation and acting as an anti-bacterial.

Excess sebum which is produced by sebocytes is one of the main triggers and symptoms of acne with inflammation.

In fact, recent clinical studies have shown that a synthetic CBD formulation was as effective in treatment as some already FDA-approved drugs.

Although it is early days, more research and clinical trials are on-going so more exciting developments may be to come.

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