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CBD First Online – One Stop CBD Shop UK To Buy CBD Oil

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We aim to bring you the very best in Cannabidiol products of only the highest quality that we have carefully sourced. Our online CBD shop UK offers an extensive range of products from cannabidiol oil, gummies, vape concentrates,  E-Liquids, beauty products, tinctures and so much more! So no matter what  way you  choose to take your cannabidiol,   we will have a  solution  that will meet your every need.

There is an increasing body of evidence showing how cannabidiol can help in a variety of conditions, such as anxiety, sleep, pain relief and much more. Make  sure to subscribe  to our blog and view our about pages for in-depth information in regards to Cannabidiol and related news.   There is so much new and exciting research on going showcasing the amazing benefits of cannabidiol. If you are interested the following link to PubMed shows up-to date and current research in the field PuB med articles.

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There are lots of myths out there about Cannabidiol, what it is and what it isn’t.
First thing’s first, Cannabidiol is legal in the UK and it will not get you ‘high’.

At CBD First Online our goal is to bring you up-to date, clear and relevant information, and to not get mislead by the abundance of misinformation out there.  We often  update our pages with interesting news so don’t  forget to subscribe.   So what is this Cannabidiol that every one is talking about at the minute? It’s a cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant family. There are more than 100 known cannabinoids that come from the  same family  of plants. But  don’t mistake  this for  marijuana.    Cannabidiol won’t get you ‘high’, Although it is often stated as being non psycho-active, this is technically incorrect.  It just acts in a different ways upon the body compared to its more famous cousin THC, and does not cause any toxic mind altering effects.

Cannabidiol products on sale in the UK must derive from hemp with less than 0.2% THC in the overall plant. This  translates to a THC  limit of 1 mg per  finished  product.  After hemp  is grown and  harvested, the active cannabinoids are extracted using solvents such as super-critical CO2  or ethanol.  These solvents are highly efficient at extracting out the desired cannabinoids, while leaving behind all the insoluble material behind. The solvents used are all GRAS certified, which means they are ‘generally recognised as safe’.  After extraction you will be left with a crude oil, which can then be purified further to get the level of concentration required, for more information check out our post on where does CBD come from and how it is made from hemp

At our Online  CBD Shop UK we carry a wide range where you can buy CBD Oil products from concentrates at 85% purity to  pure cannabidiol isolate infused with terpenes.

What Can CBD Do?

Studies have shown there may be multiple wellness benefits to taking CBD, from relieving anxiety, lowering stress levels, aiding recovery and combating skin concerns, without the worry of becoming addicted to any nasty stuff.

The human body contains something called the Endocannbinoid System (ECS for short). CBD interacts with this system, which supports memory, mood and energy balance. Check out our blog post on the ECS for more info!

Who Is CBD For?

No two people are the same. Cannabidiol reflects this trait, as it is highly personal. It’s for anyone who wants to try something natural that may have well-being effects on their lifestyle.

How Can I consume CBD?

There are many ways of taking cannabidiol depending on your personal preferences. You can vape CBD e-liquids. You can take CBD drops or tinctures sublingually (under the tongue). You may also find CBD in edibles, such as gummies or capsules. Cannabidiol has also been shown to be effective on the skin when applied topically in balm, salves and creams.

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